A charitable organisation supporting families in need by distributing new & pre-loved clothing and essential items to their little ones.

Registered Charity in England and Wales (No 1176568)

To Mums and Dads

We rely on donations and desperately need clothing and baby essentials; basically anything that your child no longer needs that is of good quality and in good working order: clothing, bedding and blankets, Moses baskets, baby baths, sterilising units, cots, prams, buggies, bouncy chairs, playmats, high chairs, safety gates, small toys and books etc.

We would love you to donate any items that your baby no longer needs so that we can help another family living in our local community.

Cascade Baby Bundles is run by volunteers so it would help us tremendously if the clothes were freshly laundered and pre-sorted into gender and age groups

i.e Girl 0–3 months, Boy 3-6 months etc and that any items of equipment are cleaned and ready to be re-homed when a healthcare professional contacts us to help a family that needs some support.

As a guide; if you wouldn’t want your child to wear it, be put in it or play with it, then we wouldn’t want to pass it to one of our families.  There are many reasons why a family may find themselves in need of our support so it is very important to us that they feel valued, respected and uplifted.   

** Please note that for safety reasons we do not accept car seats or mattresses. We also cannot accept large toys because of storage both for us and many of our families who might not have space in their homes.

Not local to Tameside and Glossop?

If you’re not local to Tameside and Glossop but would like to help here is a list of organisations in other areas in the UK:

Reigate and Banstead, Surrey - Stripey Stork

Wokingham, Surrey - First Days

Sheffield - Baby Basics

And across the waters:

BabyBuggy.org - USA – Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC

St Kilda Mums – Australia - Melbourne

Have you got any of these you no longer need? Other ways you can help

You don’t have to be a Mum with young children to help us out, so when you’re out shopping we’d love it if you would remember us and perhaps think about including something from the following list: nappies, wipes, cotton wool, cotton wool pads, baby lotions and creams, shampoo and baby bath, sterilising fluid etc; they don’t have to be expensive brands.

We also need bigger items like training cups, teats for bottles, bottles, baby toothbrush, teething rings, spoons, bowls and plates.

Remember our Mums too; they need our support because they’re experiencing hardship so we’d like to try and include a little treat for them; hand creams, moisturiser, lip balm, shampoo, bath or shower gels etc.

Donations of Goods

Cascade Baby Bundles can only accept items that are in good condition, complete, stain free and unbroken. We reserve the right to refuse items that do not comply with our requirements.

Ownership is transferred to the charity on receipt of a donation.

Just as items that are donated to charity shops are sold to benefit the charity we also reserve the right to sell items that are donated to us.

Sometimes we have an excess of some items and a shortage of others. In order to meet the needs of the babies and children we support it may be necessary to sell certain items so that we can buy things that are needed at that time and to support the work of the charity. Whilst we reserve the right to sell donated items please be assured that no profit is made and that all proceeds go directly to helping the families we support. All trustees and volunteers are unpaid.

If you would like to opt out of items being used in this way please state this when you donate and your wishes will be respected.

We also reserve the right to pass on or otherwise dispose of any items donated to us that we are unable to use.