A charitable organisation supporting families in need by distributing new & pre-loved clothing and essential items to their little ones.

Registered Charity in England and Wales (No 1176568)

How it all started

We frequently hear on the news and read in the newspapers about the increasing poverty in Britain, but it wasn’t until watching a hard hitting Sports Relief documentary in March 2014 that the true reality of what is happening to families in our country and our community really hit me. The documentary was both disturbing and thought provoking to the point where I was no longer able to sit back and do nothing.

My personal and initial thought was to make a more determined effort to contribute to the much needed Food Bank work, but I was quickly drawn towards the plight of young families and in particular those who had newborn babies.  

As I researched and asked questions in and around my community, I was unable to find anywhere that provided clothing and items that would help cushion the impact of a new baby on a family who is already struggling financially.

Bringing a new baby into the world should be a time of joy and happiness not full of stress and worry.  My hope is that our gift will help in a small way by showing that we care for our babies and our children in our community.

And so the idea of the ‘Baby Bundle’ was born...

What happened next...

In May 2014 we wrote to all the GP Practices, Medical Centres and Children’s Centres in Tameside and Glossop asking for their advice and suggestions about the project. At the same time we’ve done some market research with experienced Mums in our community.  This was in the form of a questionnaire and also asked for their ideas and suggestions about what to include in our ‘Baby Bundles’.

At this point I’m wondering why I didn’t just take an extra couple of bags to the Food Banks.

Personal thanks will come later, but I have been blown away by the positive feedback, help and support that I have received so far.  From the lady who can no longer knit because her hands are crippled with arthritis but wanted to help so bought and donated some much needed wool, to my long suffering brother Peter who has spent hours and hours on the phone to me and working tirelessly behind the scenes on the logisitics and building of this website.

……well you didn’t think I could manage all this on my own did you.

Thanks go also to my ever patient husband Trevor, who is currently living surrounded by wool, bits of paper with penciled ideas left wherever the thoughts arose, a mass of paperwork and donations we have received so far to name just a few.