A charitable organisation supporting families in need by distributing new & pre-loved clothing and essential items to their little ones.

Registered Charity in England and Wales (No 1176568)

We are a local charitable organisation and we need the support of local businesses like yours to help us support babies from families living in our local community who are experiencing hardship.

You don’t need to be involved with babies, baby equipment or clothes to help us, Here are just some suggestions: -

We would be delighted to give credit, thank you and recommend you on our website and social media sites for any help and/or sponsorship we receive.  As a sponsor we will also include you on any appropriate promotional materiel, at any funding events we have and give you a mention in any press releases.

Do you own, run or manage a business? Can you help us in any way?

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Fromac Works, Junction Street, Hyde Greater Manchester  SK14 4QN